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  • A reliable vendor of medical solutions for radiotherapy since 1992

    A reliable vendor of medical solutions for
    radiotherapy since 1992

    100% original equipment directly from the manufacturer.
    Delivery of equipment to any point in the Russian Federation through logistician partners.
    Preparation of the terms of reference for participation in tendering.
Amphora radiation treatment planning system Computer system for 3-dimensional dosimetric planning of patient irradiation sessions and calculations of dose distributions in the target and adjacent tissues. Suits medical accelerators of electrons with energies of up to 25 MeV and remotely controlled gamma therapy units. Ideal for the use in the radiotherapy departments of cancer hospitals. Read more
Software pack for the brachytherapy dosimetric planning “CONTACT” is used in the planning of intracavitary and interstitial irradiation of malignant tumors of various localizations (gynecological, bladder, esophagus, rectum, breast, oral cavity, etc.) with different isotopes both by modern radiation machines and by manual introduction of radioactive sources. Read more
Fixing devices for patient's immobilization during the simulation and radiation treatment CIVCO provides state-of-the-art patient positioning and immobilization devices to optimize patient outcomes. In combination with the thermoplastics, a wide range of immobilization devices for head and neck, chest, lung and prostate produced by CIVCO provides greater flexibility in treatment options for patient comfort and safety. Read more
LAP Laser
LAP laser systems for patient marking and alignment LAP company develops patient alignment laser systems for radiological therapy, nuclear medicine and diagnostic radiology. LAP laser systems have long and firmly established themselves in medical institutions around the world. Read more
Quality assurance and dosimetry instruments for radiotherapy IBA Dosimetry offers a full range of cutting edge innovative solutions and services that enable medical physicists and radiologists to maximize efficiency and minimize errors in Radiation Therapy, Medical Imaging Quality Assurance and Calibration procedures, and thereby increase treatment quality, safety, and efficiency for the patient. IBA Dosimetry equipment is high quality and accuracy of your measurements. Read more
Videos about patient positioning using the CIVCO system
View videos about patient positioning using the CIVCO system
Warranty maintenance of the Amphora and Contact radiation treatment planning systems, equipment for dosimetry, organization of verification of health-monitoring instruments, dosimetry retrieval for radiological therapy devices
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